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Proud to Be

Chances are, you’ll be watching the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend and chances are, you’re excited to see the big-time advertisements too.  As we know, companies go all out for this broadcast and there are often some memorable commercials.  Well, we think you’ll be moved by the ad that National Congress of American Indians has just released.  In fact, word on the street is that it isn’t just a piggyback ad, but that it will actually be aired during the Super Bowl.  It’s titled Proud to Be.

While I’ve refrained from getting into the mascot debate, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t an issue.  It’s just that there are so many pressing issues in Indian Country that this issue never seemed to rise to the top.  Yet, there is a strong momentum building and given the impact of the media on youth, perhaps it is time for me to take a side.

I am Proud to Be Chickasaw and I do believe that the redskin’s mascot is extremely offensive and shouldn’t be tolerated.  Please take a look at the press coverage of this issue at Change the Mascot dot org.  While you’re at it, take a look at what they’re doing towards rectifying this issue.


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