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Homahota Consulting LLC, under the direction of founder and owner, Dr Traci L Morris, partners with other organizations and consultants in providing services to our clients.  This allows us to be responsive to our client’s needs with specificity and dedication of services. Please review the Our Partners page to see a partial listing of affiliated organizations.

Dr. Traci L. Morris:

Dr. Traci L. Morris is the owner and founder of Homahota Consulting.

Dr. Traci L. Morris is the owner and founder of Homahota Consulting.

Homahota Consulting’s founder and owner is Dr Traci L Morris. A member of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, with a PhD in American Indian Studies, her professional work encompasses all areas of Native American art and media—from the auditory, to the visual, to the digital realm. Morris has taught college courses, authored books and articles, presented numerous professional papers, worked with Native media makers, artists and galleries, written a college accredited curriculum in Native American new media, and has advocated for digital inclusion at the Federal Communications Commission and on Capitol Hill.

Her background includes National and State level policy analysis, specializing in telecom and communications policy. Morris has worked with tribal communities Nationally and particularly in Arizona where she was part of the Napolitano Administration in the Arizona Governor’s Office at the Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs. Additionally, she has done community outreach, resource development, planning, training and technical assistance, coalition building, grant writing, grant management, database management, analysis and interpretation of data, and report writing.

An expert in new media and telecommunications issues in Indian Country, Morris recently served a 2-year appointment to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC), representing Tribal interests.

Dr. Morris is the director of the American Indian Policy Institute at Arizona State University and has a number of Affiliated Faculty Appointment’s including with the Donald McGannon Center for Communication Studies at Fordham University in New York and has 10 years of undergraduate teaching experience at various colleges and universities, including the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and East Central Oklahoma University.

Morris’s research and publications on Native American media and the digital divide is focused on Internet use, digital inclusion, network neutrality, digital and new media curriculums and development of broadband networks in Indian Country. She is a co‐editor along with Susan Lobo and Steve Talbot on the popular college textbook Native American Voices: A Reader , which was released in October of 2009. Also in 2009, she co-authored the critically received New Media, Technology and Internet Use in Indian Country study along with Sascha Meinrath of the New America Foundation for Native Public Media.