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About Homahota Consulting (Ishtapomanompoli)

Homahota Consulting Logo Image only

The Homahota Consulting logo is an original design based on Chickasaw Nation traditional designs and colors. It was created by Hopi artist Gerald Dawavendewa in 2007 and reinterpreted by Mechoopda artist Jacob Meders in 2013.

Homahota Consulting LLC is a Native American Woman owned and operated national consulting organization. With a full understanding of the legal, social, political, intellectual and cultural complexities of working in Indian Country, Homahota Consulting provides operational business-to-business services and applied support services to organizations, tribes, and governments, including tribal governments.

Native communities are actively engaged in creating opportunities that support nation building practices, but they often lack capacity via employees, skills and expertise in the short-term to implement the work they have planned.

Homahota Consulting LLC uses high-level business and academic expertise to provide native communities and organizations with research, writing, communications and project design and management resources so they can successfully fulfill their mission. Please ask us about our areas of expertise and how we can serve you.

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