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Native American Community Demographics & FAQs

2018 Demographics on American Indians & Alaska Natives

American Indian and Alaska Natives Demographics 2018

2018 American Indian/Alaska Native Census information List of Federally Recognized Tribes

Facts and Demographic Information About American Indian Tribes as of 2018:

Who Is An Indian?

  • There is no single federal or tribal criterion that establishes Indian identity.
  • Tribal Membership is determined by the enrollment criteria of the tribe/nation.
  • Generally, if linkage to an identified tribal member is far removed, one would not qualify for enrollment.
  • Tribes/nations determine their own membership criteria.
  • Blood quantum needed varies from tribe. Some tribes only require proof of descent from an Indian ancestor while others require as much as one-half blood quantum.
  • To be eligible for Bureau of Indian Affairs Services, an Indian must be 1) a member of a federally recognized tribe; 2) be of ½ or more Indian Blood of tribes indigenous to the United States; or 3) must be of ¼ or more Indian ancestry.

Tribal Names: There are many terms used including:

  • American Indian
  • Indians
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • First Nations
  • Native Americans
  • American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN)
  • However, most Indians prefer their tribal name. For example a Navajo person would prefer to be called Diné, which is the name of the tribe in the Navajo language.
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