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Yakoke hotokot chiapelachi

christmas lights

Chukma! As the end of the year approaches, we at Homahota Consulting would like to say “yakoke hotfoot chiapelachi” or thank you for your support (Chickasaw Language).  This year has been one of tremendous growth. We have been honored to work with a number of local, regional and national tribes and organizations. We worked with an Arizona Native Nation on a tribal business project, helped several Native non-profits leverage their grants funds to improve their communities, we spoke to national audiences raising awareness about the importance of digital inclusion for Tribal communities and Native Nations, and have launched an extensive email and social media campaign to improve our communication with you. We know that more communities need a stronger voice so we are challenging ourselves to keep going and we look forward to many new projects in 2014.

With the launch of our new website last week, we’ll have the opportunity to interact more with our supporters. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing a strong blogging component and a series of short videos.  We’ll be blogging about our upcoming writing projects including a white paper on digital inclusion and a book on Chickasaw allotment; we’ll introduce new topics of interest including regular examples of digital excellence in Indian country; feature tribal leader biographies; review books we are reading and add them to a growing book list; post information about upcoming events and reviews of them; and other topics. We also will start a short series of video topical video snippets on important and timely Indian Country issues and concepts.

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